Our App is Ad Free

We have developed our app to be easy to navigate, easy to understand and easy to use. Neither the end user nor our law enforcement partners will be confused by in-app advertising, pop-ups, sponsored content or misleading links.

In an effort to maintain the same transparency our app provides citizen, our only source of revenue is generated by a nominal monthly subscription charged to the law enforcement agency in return for unlimited broadcasts, unlimited users, and unlimited tip/media storage.

We also do not charge for:

  • the iOS or Android App download

  • setting up an agency's with access or training

  • any of our marketing materials that encourage download, tip reporting

  • storing tips, photos, videos or related data

  • exporting the data to the agency's digital evidence management provider

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Crowdsourced Geofencing Solutions, LLC

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DUNS Number: 107375431

E-Verify 1417024

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The See it, Say it, Send it app has passed a thorough review by Coyote Coding.

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