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Mobile Apps for Police and Sheriff's Offices, Schools and School Districts

TappIT Technology provides the easiest platform to manage and deploy mobile apps for Law enforcement, City and County government, Schools and School districts, Universities and more.

From forms to calendars, call directories to merchant services, TappIT Technology can customize and app to fit your department.  Get your set up now by visiting their website or click here to Get Started.

Check out our 'My Police Department' demo app that integrates the See it, Say it, Send it technology. Our demo code is MPD.

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The School Safety Advocacy Council (SSAC) was established in 2005 with the goal of providing the highest quality school safety training and services to school districts, law enforcement agencies and communities. The Council was founded to expand beyond the singular approach of relying on law enforcement as the solution for school violence to a cooperative approach which includes all stakeholders.

The School Safety Advocacy Council has become the recognized leader in school safety services and training. The Council and its experts, all current law enforcement, government, or education executives, have extensive experience working with school districts and law enforcement agencies nationwide. Our experience ranges from assisting one of the largest school districts in the nation with their districtwide one to one technology roll out, where we conducted assessments and developed recommendations for policy and procedures for a program to distribute technology to all 640,000 students and staff members in their district, to working on projects to assess and train a single school.

The School Safety Advocacy Council has the experience and knowledge to exceed the requirements of any project. With our proven experience of hosting multiple large national conferences, performing school safety services for the U.S. Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice and it’s Centers, and providing assessment, training and consulting services to school districts and law enforcement agencies across the county, we are the only organization that can bring such a diverse national perspective and experience to your community or district.



Mentoring and educating those affected by human exploitation, to empower them to discover their authentic self, thereby commanding them to take charge of their future.


To offer programs and resources that educate and empower human exploitation survivors, offenders, and at-risk children and youth, while contributing to the reduction of the demand of human trafficking.

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The National School Security Information Sharing System is intended to encourage information sharing among educational administrators, school security personnel and school resource officers. The NSSISS seeks to empower administrators to provide the most practical and sustainable security for their individual schools and districts. The exchange of relevant, applicable and trusted knowledge, policies and practices will facilitate more effective planning, fill gaps in preparation, enhance current procedures, and ultimately provide safer campuses across the country.

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