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CJIS Certifications

Level II & IV

Kevin J. Angell, MSAJS               Founder/CEO


Our founder Kevin Angell, a retired law enforcement officer for twelve years, has worked in the law enforcement technology field for more than four years.  Kevin holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, a Master's Degree in the Administration of Justice and Security, maintains several Forensic and CJIS level certifications.  Kevin is currently a doctoral candidate in Criminal Justice with a specialty in Homeland Security.

Following several high-profile cases across the nation, Angell decided to develop a ‘Citizen Empowerment’ app to increase communication between law enforcement and the community, easily notify citizens of potential hazards, and create an easier method of capturing and reporting suspicious and criminal activity.

While in-app research and development, the 2017 Las Vegas Massacre took place in Nevada.  The press, law enforcement, and investigative agencies continued to impress upon citizens the need to “See something, Say something” as a way to prevent future attacks.  The national campaign led to Kevin aptly naming his app “See it, Say it, Send it app”.

Krista Kerul, Director of Law Enforcement and Community Relationships


Our Director of Law Enforcement and Community Relations ensures that our app exceeds the needs of our law enforcement partners while continuing to promote empowerment in the community.  Keeping our public engaged, educated and encouraging the submission of tips to law enforcement is at the core of this vital position.  

Kyle Angell,  Chief Financial Officer


Kyle was brought into the See Something, Send Something team early in 2018 to help oversee the day to day accounting operations and to also keep an effective financial plan that will enable the company to meet the ever-increasing necessity for citizen empowerment.


Following his service in the Navy, Kyle earned an Associates of Science in Business Administration from Edison State College and then completed his education at Florida Gulf Coast University where he earned both an undergraduate and a Master’s of Science in Accounting & Taxation.


Kyle’s professional career began more than 8 years ago in public accounting, from which he developed a fundamental understanding of the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and the Internal Revenue Code. In 2017, he took up his first position in private accounting as an Assistant to Controller at a golf & country club in greater Naples, Florida. There, he learned the traditional responsibilities of the role of the controller, as well as the irregular responsibilities that followed the devastation left by hurricane Irma.

Roger Singh,  Chief Technical Officer


Roger Singh joins our team with more than two decades of experience in managing and developing iOS and Android apps as well as web and app security.  


Roger's team receives all of the support tickets submitted by agencies and app users.  They also monitor the system for bugs or any security violations.


His team ensures the safety and security of YOUR data at all time and specifically recommended against distraction in-app advertising, they will no allow data analytics, data sharing or the integration of any social media platform that can leech data during app usage.

Nate House,  Specialty Public Safety Consultant

Nate House brings a wealth of knowledge to the team with his 17 years in various facets of Public Safety from serving as a Paramedic, Firefighter, Police Officer, K9 as well as Supervisory and Administrative roles. He currently serves as a Public Safety Commander in Michigan.

CJIS Certification - Level IV

CJIS Certification - Level IV

CJIS Certification -Level IV

Dr. James Carlino, Homeland Security Technical Advisor


Dr. James Carlino is a leading Active Shooter Prevention and Response Specialist and Airport Law Enforcement Professional in the United States.  He works in the Sarasota Florida area as Police Chief at SRQ.  Chief has a Doctoral Degree in Business Administration / Homeland Security Leadership and Policy.  He also does extensive research in the area of Medical Marijuana when dealing with the Federal Government.  He is an Award Winning College Instructor, and an FBI National Academy Graduate too.

Dr. Brook Bello, App Contributor (former)

Dr. Brook Bello is the Founder and Executive Director of More Too Life, Inc., and a sought-after international speaker, preacher, and survivor champion. She has been recognized with countless achievement awards, and most recently was named a Google Next Gen Policy Leader. Dr. Bello is also the author of innovative root cause focused successful curriculum, RJEDE™ (Restorative Justice End Demand Education) a court appointed and volunteer course for violators of sexual violence, prostitution and human trafficking prevention and LATN™ (Living Above the Noise) educational mentoring curriculum for victims and prevention of sexual violence and human trafficking. 

Organizational Chart

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Keith Murray,  Director of Support

Keith is a graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University, has a wealth of experience providing support for National software platforms.

Keith monitors 24/7/365 our 8 methods of reporting an issues or requesting support.


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Law Enforcement Solution Provider

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