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Testimonials / References

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  • Our app is in use by law enforcement and school districts in 21 states across the country.

  • Our app is being used in roughly 100 districts by almost 500 schools.

  • Our app is being used by nearly 250 law enforcement agencies.

  • Our app has nearly 250,000 users on the Android and iOS platform.

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 “That’s one of the things we really are happy with (referring to the app), to allow the citizens to help us get criminals off of the street”

-Chief Edrick Hall, Indianola Police Department MS


It's just one more tool in our toolbox to be able to connect with the community and have them be able to relay information to us as well"


-Lt. Nate House, Essexville Public Safety MI


"It is vital for his department to offer the 'See it Send it' app, given the propensity of millennials to communicate by cellphones"

-Chief Victor Brito, Hagerstown Police Department MD


"The [Our] department wants to encourage residents to start using the app to help the city's 112 police officers make Hagerstown a safer place to live.  The community is our 113th man"

-Captain Paul Kifer (now Police Chief), Hagerstown Police


“Utilizing this new application is one way the Rockport Police Department is working to bridge the gap and create a greater, more secure community"


-Chief Tim Jayroe, Rockport Police Department TX


“By getting our citizens more involved, it will help us solve crimes faster, which will help our department make this a safer place”

-Captain Allen Snelling, Savannah Police Department TN


“[It's a] very, very powerful tool for us”



-Sheriff Neil Miller, Buffalo County Sheriff's Office NE


"See it, Send it is easy to use, whether you’re a middle-schooler or a grandpa” 



-Police Chief Dan Lynch, Kearney Police Dept NE


"The app will be a critical tool, not just for our community but for our region.”



-Police Chief Robert Falldorf, Grand Island Police Dept NE

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“It’ll work perfectly for what we need it to for the community and the schools.  It’s an app that had absolutely everything we were looking for.”


-Police Chief Thomas Stolee, Belle Plaine Police Dept MN

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