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  • What is the See it, Say it, Send it App?"
    The See it, Say it, Send it app is a smart device downloadable app by community members who wish to be educated and empowered by law enforcement to create and maintain a safe community. The app uses your devices location based services to notify you of suspicious incidents, active crime scenes or potentially hazardous conditions. Once you receive that notification, you can choose to provide information back to law enforcement by submitting a tip. You can also submit a tip proactively, outside of a notification, and through anonymous means.
  • How Does Law Enforcement use the app?
    Law Enforcement interacts with the app through a web portal. They can create notifications, review tips submitted and manage those tips for investigation and follow-up.
  • Why can't I use my Facebook or other social media to create an app account?
    Using social media accounts to create an account with another app opens your personal data and transactional data to sharing. We do not share any data nor to we sell or allow analysis of information you've submitted. Therefore, we ask that you simply provide us with a username (email) and secure password.
  • Does the app record my every location?
    No, we used cache location data to provide you with information based on your current locaiton. If you are not within a geofence then we do not need your location and discard it. If you are within a geofence broadcast or pulse notification area, we send you the alert and then discard the location data. The only time we gather location data is what is sent by you when submitting a tip. That is location of the incident or suspicious activity so that we can appropriately ship the inforamtion off to the correct jurisidiction. It also allows law enforcement to conduct follow up investigations at that location.
  • What if I turn off location based services?
    You will not be able to be alerted of incidents around you BUT you can still send in tips.
  • What should I do if I see a crime in progress?
    Do not use the See Something, Send Something app. Call 911 or the local emergency number.
  • Do you sell, share or allow analytics of the tips?"
    No, all data is securely stored and no third party has access. We do not share an information gathered with anyone other than law enforcement.
  • Will this app drain my battery?
    During a two week period with the app constantly running in the background, the app only used 2% of the battery.

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