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Tommie Patrick explains...

See it, Say it, Send it app's very own Tommie Patrick explains how the platform helps promote trust, empowers community engagement and empowers users to report suspicious behavior.

Patrick understands that the relationship between the community and law enforcement can be strained at times.  He believes that the See it, Say it, Send it app bridges the gap by allowing anonymous and self-identified reporting.

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Features Available in the iOS/Android App for the Community



Secure Login - We know that logging in with Facebook is easy but is it secure? No.  Please take the time give us a legitimate email and pick a secure password.  

No In-App Advertising - We are not looking for advertising dollars.  We take this app seriously and want you to be able to navigate quickly when submitting a tip to law enforcement.

No Sales or Transfer of Your Personal Data - We will NEVER sell or transfer your personal data or the data you submit to law enforcement.  The ONLY method of getting data from us other than what you willing give to law enforcement is through a subpoena.

Receive Broadcast and Pulse Notifications - Feel educated and empowered be receiving notifications that area specific to your location.  Not general bolo, news feed social media information that may not show up in your news feed or is based on the Facebook algorithm.

Submit Self-Identified / Anonymous Tips - You can submit a quick tip (picture or video and a narrative) or a detailed tip (picture or video, narrative, person and vehicle information)

Two-Way, Real-Time, Anonymous or Self-Identified Messaging - Need immediate help or want to further explain your tip submission?  Our tip messenger is here to help.

Check Submitted Tip Status - With some tip submission apps, as soon as you send your information you have no idea where it went.  Not with our app.  You get to see the status of your tip as the agency works it through their investigative workflow.

TXT2TIP - In 2020, we purchased a California based company TXT2TIP and incorporated their technology into the platform.  Check with your local law enforcement on how to submit a MMS or SMS tip.

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