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Features Available in the iOS/Android App for the School Districts


Secure Login - We know that logging in with Facebook is easy but is it secure? No.  Please take the time give us a legitimate email and pick a secure password.  


No In-App Advertising - We are not looking for advertising dollars.  We take this app seriously and want you to be able to navigate quickly when submitting a tip to law enforcement.


No Sales or Transfer of Your Personal Data - We will NEVER sell or transfer your personal data or the data you submit to law enforcement.  The ONLY method of getting data from us other than what you willing give to law enforcement is through a subpoena.


Receive Broadcast and Pulse Notifications - Feel educated and empowered be receiving notifications that area specific to your location.  Not general bolo, news feed social media information that may not show up in your news feed or is based on the Facebook algorithm.


Submit Self-Identified / Anonymous Tips - You can submit a quick tip (picture or video and a narrative) or a detailed tip (picture or video, narrative, person and vehicle information)


Two-Way, Real-Time, Anonymous or Self-Identified Messaging - Need immediate help or want to further explain your tip submission?  Our tip messenger is here to help.


Check Submitted Tip Status - With some tip submission apps, as soon as you send your information you have no idea where it went.  Not with our app.  You get to see the status of your tip as the agency works it through their investigative workflow.

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The See it, Say it, Send it app roll out happens WITH students not to them.  Students aren't told to use it or find out about the app in passing.  It a cooperative, empowerment and relationship building effort between young adults and School Resource Officers, Security Staff and School Officials.


Play the See it, Say it, Send it Rap Mix for Kids...

What Schools Use It?

Habersham County Co GA, Martin County FL, Essexville MI, Marietta College, University of Nebraska and all schools districts in South Central NE to name a few.  A total of 100 school districts and more than 500 schools.

Press Release: 

Raider Report App Goes Live at Habersham

County Schools, Includes See it, Send

it Technology

Endorsement Letter: 

Sheriff Joey Terrell

Habersham Co Sheriff, GA


Raider Report Logo.png

The Raider App is a platform specific to the Habersham County School District but contains the See it, Say it, Send it App technology.  Ask us about licensing our technology for your app.


Press Release: 

Raider Report App Empowering Students to Report Security Concerns, Not Just Suspicious Behavior


Mr. Matthew Cooper, Habersham County Schools Superintendent (left) and Sheriff Joey Terrell of Habersham County (right) discuss a new initiative they've rolled out in the Raider Report App (powered by the See it, Say it, Send it technology). 


The app now includes the ability for students to report Security Concerns they observed on campus.  The video (right) was part of a livestream press conference held at Habersham Central High School on May 17th, 2019.

The new initiative is the first of its kind in the State of Georgia and possibly across the nation.  

SchoolSafety_APPROVED (1).png
Final logo_0.png

The staff at SSAC have reviewed the See it, Say it, Send it app and chosen to partner together to provide the app nationally as a tool to increase school safety and security. [above, right inset]


The National School Security Information Sharing System is intended to encourage information sharing among educational administrators, school security personnel and school resource officers. The NSSISS seeks to empower administrators to provide the most practical and sustainable security for their individual schools and districts. The exchange of relevant, applicable and trusted knowledge, policies and practices will facilitate more effective planning, fill gaps in preparation, enhance current procedures, and ultimately provide safer campuses across the country.

Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 9.58.46 AM.png

GASROE was created to enhance the safety of Georgia schools through collaborative training of all aspects that make up the school environment. Whether it be law enforcement officers assigned to schools, school administrators, school system safety directors, nurses, counselors, facility maintenance personnel, or any other discipline that serves within the school system, we want to provide training that helps each specialty understand the role and responsibilities of the others and bring the disciplines together to work as a united front in keeping our schools safe. 


We are very excited about the future of GASROE and believe that schools throughout this great state, and their students, faculty, staff and visitors, will be the true benefactors of our hard work.

Lifetime Sponsor


Features Available in the S3 Management App

Version 1.0 (released 2/26/2019) - Agency Tip Managers can now login using the same password from the Web Portal through our iOS or Android app.  Through the app, you can review submitted tips, view submitted media, add notes and update the status of the tip.

Version 2.0 (coming soon) - Agency users with access to Chat can communicate directly with tipsters through the app chat feature.  Agency Tip Managers will receive app alerts, badges and notifications of NEW tips and tips that contain Keyword Alerts.

Version 3.0 (coming soon) - Agency users with access to Broadcast and Pulse notifications can create alerts through the app.

Version 4.0 (coming soon) - ALL agency users can benefit for the Internal Broadcast Technology.

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