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Why ask for...if the app is anonymous?


You will notice at Registration that we ask for your Full Name, Email Address, Password and Zip Code (optional).  So why do we ask for that information IF that app is anonymous?

-First and foremost, Law Enforcement, Public Safety, School Districts, the Government etc DO NOT have access to your account.  Your account is NOT assigned to the them.  Its assigned to your access and use of the application.

-Secondly, the reason we ask for this information is for your own safety.  You CAN log off the app at any time when you are not with your smart device and no one can submit information of your behalf.  They would need the email address and password you created in order login.

-Next, the reason we gather your name is solely for the purpose of addressing you professionally during communications.  

-Finally, Your email address is also used when law enforcement, public safety, school districts, ect. need to get follow up information on a tip you submitted.  They can do this EVEN IF you submit the tip anonymously.  HOW? You will receive an email from a domain forwarder (example: jdhbc58&  You will respond to the address and we will take care of forwarding the email for you.  So you stay anonymous!


We take anonymity VERY SERIOUSLY.  We recommend you review your Privacy Statement and EULA (End User License Agreement)

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