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Records Retention, FOIA and Public Records Requests


See it, Say it, Send it and it’s team member DO NOT review any of the tips or media submitted and therefore can not make any assumptions or assign any value to it’s required retention as it applies to Local, State and Federal Laws ( commonly known as FOIA, the Freedom of Information Act or your State’s Public Records Retention Laws).

We will, however, allow the Agency to export to the tip and its attached media to their Digital Evidence Management platform, to our Digital Evidence Management Partner OR download the media for local storage.  Once in the possession of the law enforcement agency, the responsibility to meet retention laws become incumbent upon the agency and its Custodian of Records.

The Legal Department and all team members at See it, Say it, Send it will comply with any legally issued subpoena for records.  Such legal documents should be forwarded to for review.

If you are a Custodian of Records and have questions or need assistance, please email us at and we will get back to you immediately.

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