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The See it, Say it, Send it App


We’ve developed the nations first and only ‘Citizen Empowerment’ app from the widely publicized ‘See something, Say something’ campaign.


Our app is named ‘See it, Say it, Send it’ and works on the premise of notifying the community, and empowering civilians to report suspicious activity through their smart devices.

A Two-Pronged Approach to Citizen Empowerment


First, our app allows law enforcement to set up Geo-Fenced locations around areas of high crime, an active investigation, the last known whereabouts of a missing person, or to proactively warn citizens of increased suspicious activity. When a smart device enters these locations, they get an alert or notification similar to one you might receive when approaching a Starbucks.  The alert empowers the citizen to be aware of what is happening in that specific area, gives them detailed information, and displays a method to encourage reporting any suspicious activity.


The second part of our See it, Say it, Send it app empowers the citizen to gather evidence in non-emergency, non life-threatening suspicious or criminal situations.  The app can activate the smart device’s camera, video camera and/or microphone to capture exactly what the citizen wishes to report.  The citizen can provide a detailed description and contact information before sending the information to law enforcement in almost real time.  The citizen can also remain anonymous during the submission process.


Once a See it, Say it, Send it tip has been received, law enforcement can choose to keep the submission as part of a case/investigation or set it for removal.

***This app is in no way affiliated with the Something Send Something provided by My Mobile Witness. ***

Police use the See Something,Send Somethin App
21 states.png

Agency Usage Map

This map shows agencies live, in trial or the implementation process of our app.

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