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Features Available in the Law Enforcement Web Portal


Geofenced Broadcasts Notifications - set up invisible geofence broadcast notifications to educate citizen app users as they enter an area of potential hazards, an ongoing investigation or to solicit leads/tips in a criminal case.

Geofenced Pulse Alerts - select a target area, radius and notify all of the citizen app users in that area of a potential hazard or suspicious incident.

Add Tip Submission to your Agency Website - you can copy code from inside the web portal administrative section that allows you to gather tips directly from your agency website and manage them in the web portal.  This keeps all tips in one spot instead of searching through emails and other systems.

Saved Locations - save locations where broadcasts or pulse notifications are frequently sent out in order to save time.

Satellite Locations / Areas of Responsibility - some agencies have additional areas of responsibility outside their jurisdiction.  These locations can be geofenced into your jurisdiction.  


Unlimited Users - you have 100% control of the number of users in your agency and what they can and can not do within the system.


Alert / Notification Reporting - easily report to executives, city/county officials and the media the number of smart devices you notified as part of a particular event.

Share to Social Media - share your broadcasts and pulse notifications to your agency's social media accounts without ever leaving the law enforcement web portal.

Unlimited Crowdsourced Tip Submissions - we do not charge based on the number of tips you receive or how long you keep them.

PDF Printing of Tips - need to print your tip and take it with you?  go ahead.

Tip Assignment - you can assign users to tips submitted as part of a broadcast OR you can assign a user to a proactively submitted broadcast.  Either way, all tip managers get notified on new tips.

Relate Similar Tips - you can link tips of similar incidents to each other through our related tip feature.

Archive Tip - you can easily archive tips that have been investigated.


Two-Way, Real-Time, Anonymous or Self-Identified Messaging -  talk to citizen app users through a social media style messenger and maintain a transcript of the conversation for further investigative use.


Status Updates - create tip status specific to your agency's workflow and select retention values for how long to hold on to a tip.  As you update the status of a tip, the tipster gets the update in the citizen app.


Keyword Alerts - looking for specific terms used in a tip?  No problem.  Enter a keyword (gun, knife, school, bomb) and who should be notified.  If a tip comes in with that term, you will receive aggressive email and text alerts until the tip is addressed.  Alerts can be set up to recognize emojis (bomb, gun, knife, ect)


SMS and Email notifications - we can notify your staff of new tips and keyword alerts via SMS text message and Emails.

SMS / MMS Text Tip Reception - agencies can use a short-code to receive tips from the community.

IVR Outbound call notifications - we can notify your agency that a new tip has been received through an outbound call to your front desk officer, dispatch or any monitor line.

Tip images run through Facial/Objection Recognition - each image submitted as part of a tip can be compared to images of known missing or endangered persons, wanted suspects or persons of interest.  The image can also be analyzed for known objects like guns, knives, ect.  Watch the media coverage.

No Advertisements / No Sales or Transfer of Data - We do not and will not EVER advertise in our app or sell/transfer any of the data we collect on your agency's behalf.

Secure Login - we do not allow law enforcement or citizen app users to 'Login with Facebook".  that feature, which may save time, opens your data up to serious safety and security considerations.


CJIS Compliant / AWS Government Cloud / FedRAMP authorized storage

Encouraged App Download / Advertising - We don't leave the onus on you to get community members to download the app.  We provide business and community stickers, citizen contact cards, lobby posters and advertise on these well-known platforms...

TAVE or Tip Analytics and Validation Engine -  stands to save law enforcement and school districts a significant amount of time when reviewing tips by utilizing Artificial Intelligence and an algorithm that takes several aspects of what is being reported into consideration. Read the press release.

Reporting - adhoc and self-generated reporting helps agencies quantify their efforts.

Sí, Hablamos Español - Entendemos que no todos los usuarios hablan inglés. nuestros materiales están disponibles también en español. Si necesitas otro idioma solo pregunta.


Features Available in the S3 Law Enforcement App

Version 1.0 (released 2/26/2019) - Agency Tip Managers can now login using the same password from the Web Portal through our iOS or Android app.  Through the app, you can review submitted tips, view submitted media, add notes and update the status of the tip.

Version 2.0 (released 06/2020) - Agency users with access to Chat can communicate directly with tipsters through the app chat feature.  Agency Tip Managers will receive app alerts, badges, and notifications of NEW tips and tips that contain Keyword Alerts.

Version 3.0 (released 08/2020) - Agency users with access to Broadcast and Pulse notifications can create alerts through the app.

Version 4.0 (coming soon) - ALL agency users can benefit from the Internal Broadcast Technology.

"We are excited to be the only tip management provider to have both a management web interface and app in both marketplaces"

- Kevin Angell, CEO

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